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Yes, there are several ways to do that.

The problem is the sensor gets saturated after a while. You can bake the moisture out in the oven, on 50 degrees centigrade for about 15 minutes, is you have an oven that regulates its temperature well.

You can also swap the sensor at De WAR and then we will bake a whole batch at a time and measure which ones are good enough to be out in the field again.
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There are 2 issues that play a role here:

- the humidity sensor saturates, not measuring from e.g. 0..100 anymore, but from e.g. 30..130

- when the measured humidity rises above 119, it wraps around and continues with -6 and upwards.

I have tried an algorithm that fixes the wrap-around, you can see its effect on   https://meetjestad.net/static/graphs/fixhumi/balc_fhum_0001.html.
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